Where To Find Live Lobster Delivered...

For many years, lobster has been a meal made only for kings. In the past few decades, regular people have been able to finally buy lobster. There are certain things you must know before you plop down a couple of bills to buy a family of lobsters for your family’s enjoyment.

First of all, you should know how and where your lobster was caught. Most lobsters are caught in lobster farms, which are just small cages thrown into the water that lobsters will accidentally walk into. This is the most ethical and least painful way to catch the crustacean. The best lobsters come from the coasts of the coasts of the United States and Canada. Maine and Alaska are famous for lobsters of all kinds, thus real Maine lobsters will be more expensive than lobsters caught off the coast of Suriname.

Next, be sure to buy lobster from a place that specializes in lobster or seafood. That old dirty tank at your local grocery store is not the best place to buy lobster. In fact, that may be one of the worst places to buy lobster, since you never know how long they have been floating there. In some cases, even staff members don’t know how long the lobsters have been dying in those tanks. A seafood store will always have the freshest lobster and the employees are very careful to make sure that everything is done safe for you to eat. If you do not want to buy from a store, you could always order lobster online. Ordering online has its advantages. For example, when you order online, the lobster is shipped once you order it. It hasn’t been sitting around waiting to be bought like in a store. Also, you know that you will get the freshest lobster available, especially if you order direct from a manufacturer.

Whenever you buy a lobster, there are other things you should consider buying as well. A large pot for cooking is very important as well as a lid for that pot. You never want to leave the kitchen to answer the phone only to come back and find a lobster escaping from your pot like a Navy SEAL invading a foreign country. Some things that you eat lobster with are butter, potatoes and vegetables. If you made too much, you could also make lobster omelets the next day for breakfast.

Hopefully from now on, when you decide to buy lobster, you’ll know the necessary steps in doing so. Remember that if you buy a lobster and don’t like the taste, it’s not refundable. The manufacturer can’t just throw a half eaten lobster back into the ocean. So, only buy the best.

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